Sperm Production: The Fundamentals

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Sperm production is an inevitable and very important part of manhood. Nobody can deny that. It cannot be dissociated from male sexual performance. Yeah, when we talk about that then we are talking. The peak and the most sensational moment during sex is the orgasm. When a man reaches orgasm, he ejaculates. Ejaculation is semen discharge. This post will lead you to the fundamentals of sperm production and tips you can follow if you want to take the best approach towards a better sexual performance as a man.

We have to break this down a little bit. I am curious to know what people think. I might be setting up a kind of poll to determine some ideas I have. I have always been wondering ever since I had my first sexual encounter with a much older woman, about who enjoys the most in sex.

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Sperm Production Is Beneficial

Before I go any further, I would like to list a few of the aspects that they say a man whose body is capable to produce more ejaculate volumes can do.

  • Has no male infertility issue whatsoever
  • Has increased and more sensational orgasms
  • Has the ability for multiple sex sessions withing a short period of time
  • Can last longer in sex than on average
  • Does not have problems with premature ejaculation

Man Does The Most Job

  • I mean, the man basically does the most job
  • He must have a strong penis erection to penetrate the woman
  • He must pump, wriggle and jerk during sex
  • Then after a period of time, he reaches climax or orgasm and ejaculates
  • What The Woman Does

    • Stimulates him either orally or by hand or nothing at all
    • Opens her legs and he goes for it
    • She also can wriggle her butts
    • After a period of time, he ejaculates, she too reaches orgasm if she is not frigid
    • End of Sex

    Well I just broke down the basic practice of sex. Now, the couple may take things further depending on their imagination. There are options of different poses, various stimulation techniques and things like that. This is not in the context of this topic though. I may do an editorial on such things in future, so you can subscribe to our Newsletter and we will inform you of our latest posts. Another thing is that if you have any suggestions or you want to discuss or disagree with something I wrote, please feel free to use the comment options.

    So who do you think enjoys most in sex?

    In my opinion, the mistake most people make when it comes to a man’s sexual capability is immediately thinking erection power. Yes, I agree. Erection power is the first thing in the way a man can perform during sex but that is not everything he needs. He needs more than that. Don’t get me wrong, women also have their own sexual demands and that is another topic I may be writing about in future. To be an effective sex machine, a man has to be able to display the following capabilities.

    • Big enough penis size
    • Strong penis erections
    • Penis erection must last long
    • Energy or stamina to what? of course to last long
    • To discharge massive amounts of semen during ejaculation and orgasm

    What Has Sperm Production Got To Do With This?
    Oh yes, a lot! Sperm production cannot be side-stepped in sex. The peak of a man’s sexual enjoyment is the time he reaches orgasm and begins to release semen. The sensation of that is the reward. Therefore, the more semen volume a man can release during ejaculation, the more intense is his orgasm and the more he enjoys the sex.

    More Semen Volume = More Intense Orgasm + Sexual Satisfaction

    It is generally agreed upon by sex experts that a man who is healthy enough to produce healthy sperm and ejaculate massive amounts of semen is also blessed with powerful penile erections and he has the ability to quickly recover from previous sessions. What I am trying to say is that good sperm production shortens recovery time and the man is ready to engage in multiple sex sessions within a short period of time.

    Sperm Production Associated With Male Fertility

    sperm fertilizes ovum: sperm production helps male fertility infertility
    10 Tips to Improve Sperm Count

    You and I would have never been if there were no sperm. Yes, you know exactly where I am going. The ability to cum more is a way to fight another male sexual dysfunction called male infertility. For a man to be able to successfully impregnate a woman, he must be able to release massive amounts of semen. The sperm cells in his ejaculate must be healthy and extremely motile. Few sperm count and sluggish sperm cells will be hardly likely to make a woman pregnant. Someone put an average of 5 Million sperm cells per milliliter of semen. Although just one sperm cell fertilizes the ovum but the spermatozoid cells are quite vulnerable and therefore the more a man can produce the better chance of improving his male fertility.

    Semen Volume Production Fixes Premature Ejaculation

    Odd as it may seem, I thought so too when I first read that increase semen ejaculate volume can also help a man to fight against premature ejaculation! I find this difficult to believe but they say it is true. I came across such claims when I was searching for herbal pills to increase semen volume. We are going to discuss about that later.

    How Can You Increase Your Semen Ejaculate Volume?

    This is a question many men have been asking. The answer is: There are many ways and methods to use in order to be able to ejaculate healthy and bigger loads of semen depending on what you prefer. The best of them all is to live healthy and eat healthy food. Do much exercises and stay away from hazardous behaviors.

    If you are having problems of a scanty ejaculation, the first step you should take is to consult your doctor. Don’t be scared or embarrassed to talk things over. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to more men than you will ever think only no one talks about it openly. Yes, there are men who suffer in silence. Your doctor should work with you to find the best solution.

    On the other hand, there are the over the counter supplements that you can take advantage of. These are known to be safe and effective. As I said, make sure you talk to your doctor before you take any unproven sperm production supplement.

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