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Today, humans are faced with a confusing and absurd situation when health is in question. Due to advancements in medicine, increase in standard of living and greater hygienic awareness; a lot of diseases in form of epidemic waves which have for centuries taken millions of lives have been practically curtailed. Periods of health improvements as well as longer lives were envisaged.

Unfortunately the reality is not as expected but painful. Our world is more than ever full of diseases and sufferings which are difficult to handle just like an uncontrollable “run away train”.

We see daily at every place old and young who are desperate to find a remedy which can relieve them of their health issues.

The developed world now has to put up with epidemics of non-contagious diseases. The number one killers are heart diseases and clogs of the blood vessels from which 60 percent of the world population die. The statistics of people dying from malign diseases are alarming even with modern diagnostics and countless drugs supplied by the pharmaceutical industry.

Where Did Modern Man Go Wrong? What Principles Have We Neglected?

The most current researches have shown that it is impossible today to think about prevention and complete therapy for the majority of modern day non-contagious diseases without a change in our ways of life which above all means placing priority on organic foods, increased physical activities, moderation and control of weight and body mass, staying away from detrimental habits such as excessive consummation of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse.

Above all we should try to solve the problem of stress, finding something to make our lives meaningful.

It is therefore the obligation of the modern man to be acquainted with the “laws” of his being and adjust to meet their requirements accordingly.

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